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Mutli-purpose Lighting FX generator with three channel presets

It has never before been this easy to generate natural looking lighting effects connecting virtually every type of lamp. The LFX Hub combines numerous functions in a single unit using presets with three channel output.

Create stunning fire LFX of torches, candles, firestorm, welding, short circuit, broken fluorescent tubes, LFX of a TV set or movie projector using a complex film clip preset with cuts and pans.

Unlimited number of neon signs, flashers, strobe light effects or trigger all of these LFX by a sensor.

Lightning FX option Adds multi-channel flash effects to the LFX Hub.
Additionally available presets:

  • Single-flash: Photo flash or Explosions
  • Multi-flash: Flashes from three directions
  • Moving Lighting FX: Thunderstorm flashes with three channels


Hydroflex Remote Aquacam

The underwater proxy


Suit up!

Easy Dive

Design, functional and versatility