Stereovision was started in 1975 by Harish Samtani and was the first to bring to the music enthusiast, artists from international labels at a time when these were not available in India.

From then on there was no stopping Stereovision from becoming a destination for products ranging from audiophile equipment and currently to products that enhance the creativity of film makers .

Stereovision has a reputation of being in the forefront of TVC/Film making technology and is constantly adding state of the art products to its stable.

Some of the specialized equipment that Stereovision carries are motion control camera robots , deep sea underwater housings, movie cameras , a variety of lenses , crash housings , lighting shutters , slow motion cameras etc.

Apart from being the chairman of this company, Harish Samtani is also a former national car-racing champion and a motorsport journalist. He is supported by his daughter Tania Samtani who is one of the partners of the company handling admin , finance & marketing and son Anuj Samtani another partner who is a reknowned cinematographer / director as well the technical adviser in-house as well as for clients .

Stereovision has a keen focus on making the “shot” a superior one and giving it that extra edge given the diverse range of products offered .

In today’s world of emerging new media and global recognition for Indian Cinema and Sports, it is the premier destination for creative people who seek visual excellence. Globally acclaimed production houses seek top-of-the-line film equipment that helps them with the tools that have been validated by premier institutions such as OSCAR, EMMY, NAB & CINEC.

You can also get in touch for complete TV commercial solutions , in-house director , in-house cinematographer , pack shots & studio space .

Stereovision is associated with top notch companies from all over the world such as

  • Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) – BOLT Cine Bot
  • VISION RESEARCH (Phantom High Speed Cameras – Flex 4k, Flex 2k and MIRO)
  • Sony (VENICE Camera)
  • Zeiss (Supreme Prime Lens)
  • Century Optics – Clair mount Swing and Shift Lens
  • Venus Lens – Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe lens
  • Atlas Lens Co (Orion Anamorphic Lens)
  • Hydro Flex (Underwater Camera Housing, Splash Bag and Lighting)
  • Movie Inter-com (Lighting LFX Tools)
  • Licht-Technik – Darkvader Lighting Shutters
  • FGV Schmidle – Rain Deflector
  • Innovision Optics – Spintec Rain Deflector
  • DEFY – DACTYLCAM camera cable system
  • Easy Dive (Underwater Housing for DSLR cameras)
  • Kish Optics – Ultimate Director’s Viewfinder (UDF)