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Hydroflex Remote Aquacam


The HydroFlex Remote Aqua Cam for the ARRI Alexa offers the versatility of hand-held operation or remote operation on the HydroFlex HydroHead. The camera's main power is provided by a block battery at the surface, and an on-board battery keeps the power uninterrupted when changing the block battery, so you never have to pull it up for a battery change. If feeding HD-SDI out to record at the surface, the camera can be kept in the water all day without surfacing.

With the HydroFlex 4.3" underwater HD monitor the operator has a clear and bright hi-def image with which to compose the shot. Because the lens is manipulated via a Preston Remote Lens Control System, nearly any prime lens can be used as well as many small zooms.

Both flat and dome ports are included with the package. Water drops can be cleared from the front port by an optional air-powered rain deflector.

An underwater ethernet cable allows for system monitoring and remote control over all parameters of camera functions. Dual link video to the surface is available if 4:4:4 color space is required.

The housing with camera and a typical prime lens weighs 53 lbs out of the water (with all weights removed) and is 3 lbs negative fully loaded in the water.


4.3” HD Underwater Monitor

The HydroFlex 4.3" HD Underwater Monitor presents a bright, clear HD image for the operator. The aluminum housing with built-in sun shade can be mounted from top or bottom on UltraLight ball arm mounts. The touch of a button toggles false colors and/or center marks (cross hairs) on or off.

The unique design of the housing allows it to accommodate various cameras including ARRI Alexa, Phantom Flex and Red Epic.


  • Custom Viewfinder eyepiece (easy-to-locate, large, bright image)
  • Le side located both Focus and Iris lens control
  • Can also be configured for the Preston Marine FI&Z hand unit
  • On-board Lithium-ion batteries provided
  • Optional lens port spray deflector system
  • Remote camera run
  • Projector interlock capability and
  • A 6.4″ color underwater video viewfinder.





  • K.G.F Chapter 2
  • RRR
  • Sanak
  • BhotBhati
  • Bhuj
  • Haseen Dillruba
  • Shamshera
  • Coolie no 1


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