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Sony Venice

Full-frame digital cinema camera with phenomenal color science and creative versatility

A cinema camera created by and for the cinematographer. Large format image capture with extraordinary picture clarity is now possible with the newly developed full-frame image sensor of the VENICE. Now with the latest 6.0 high speed upgrade license, every cinematographer can now push the boundaries in capturing large and wide format images.


36 x 24-mm full-frame sensor for cinema

VENICE is equipped with a 36 x 24-mm full-frame image sensor designed specifically for high end cinematography, and can capture images up to a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032. By switching imager modes, VENICE can natively support Super35 24.3 x 18.0 mm, 4096 x 3024 resolution (equivalent to 4-perforation motion picture film) and Super35 24.3 x 12.8 mm, 4096 x 2160 resolution (equivalent to 3-perforation motion picture film).

In other words, VENICE’s new full-frame sensor can capture in almost any format, including full 18 mm-height Super35 anamorphic and spherical and full-frame 24 mm-height anamorphic and spherical. Almost any aspect ratio can be conjured up: 1.85:1, 2.39:1, 17:9, the list goes on in full-frame or Super35.

With VENICE, Sony is giving users the option to customize their camera by only enabling the features as needed, according to individual production requirements. Licenses are available to expand the camera’s capabilities, including 4K anamorphic and 6K full-frame.

Beautiful image

Satisfied with the current condition? With the wide latitude and gamut recorded by the VENICE, freedom of expression is significantly expanded in grading and based on established workflow.

Simple and intuitive

Usability and reliability of the camera is one of the major concerns for operators especially in tough or time critical filming conditions. With a user-friendly design, clear and simple menu navigation, and a highly durable, reliable construction, using VENICE you can simply concentrate on filming, and not the camera.

Full-Frame sensor for cinema

  • VENICE features an all-new Full-Frame sensor with the classic 36 x 24mm dimensions that have been a staple of photography for over 100 years.
  • Designed exclusively for high-end cinematography, this
    sensor can capture images up to a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032.
  • Switchable imager modes mean VENICE can support an unprecedented number of cinematic aspect ratios for complete creative freedom.

Full width 36 mm 6K

In full-frame, you can use the full 6048 pixel width of the sensor for 6K imager modes such as 3:2, 2.39:1*, 1.85:1, 17:9 and 16.9*. Equivalent to 4-perforation motion picture film, these 6K modes allow for extra shallow depth of field, super-wide shooting and other creative effects.

Super35 anamorphic 4K

For super wide screen productions, VENICE offers two full height 2x squeeze anamorphic imager modes that include 6:5 and 4:3 recording modes for 12:5 (known as 2.39:1) and 8:3 (2.66:1) scenes respectively.

Explore how VENICE can meet your production requirements with the firmware and licensing requirements in the aspect ratio chart.

PL lens mount

  • VENICE comes with the industry-standard PL
    lens mount
  • It is compatible with all Super35 and full-frame PL lenses, spherical and anamorphic
  • The lens mount includes contacts that support Cooke/i Technology
  • Lens information is recorded as metadata frame
    by frame

Creative freedom

Full-frame full-width 36 mm 6K

In full-frame, you can use the full 6048 pixel width of the sensor for widescreen spherical 2.39:1 or Large Format Scope. Full-Frame can be used creatively in a number of ways - for example, to allow for extra shallow depth of field or super-wide shooting.

Super35 full height 2.0x squeeze anamorphic

For anamorphic shooting and production, Super35 full height 2 x squeeze anamorphic is supported.

Super35 17:9 and 19:9

These popular imager sizes are natively supported by VENICE. Current Super 35 mm PL mount lenses can be used.

Anamorphic look

VENICE’s support for 2x squeeze anamorphic lenses, combined with its ability to shoot 4:3 and 6:5 aspect ratios at a horizontal resolution of 4K, allows the capture of breathtakingly beautiful images with stunning lens flare, bokeh and emotional impact for both 2.4:1 and 2.66:1 widescreen cinema releases.

6K high resolution*

The stunning full 6K resolution of the camera can be recorded directly in X-OCN (16 bit eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative) file format. Also, XAVC 4K can be captured onto SxS cards while still sampling from the full 6K resolution of the sensor.
*Firmware update required.

Select FPS

The Select FPS function lets you choose frame rates from 1 frame per second to as high as 60 fps, depending on imager mode. Firmware Version 2.0 supports Select FPS for all the available imager modes, while Version 3.0 enables Select FPS for the two additional imager modes noted in the firmware timeline.

Easily configurable

VENICE has a fully modular design and even the sensor block is interchangeable. So, as sensor technology advances in far future, you have the opportunity to upgrade without investing in a new camera. In order to maintain ergonomic balance for operators, the top handle and viewfinder are easily adjustable.

As the height of the camera from the bottom to the optical center of the lens mount is the same as the F55, base plates and other accessories used for the F55 can be used with VENICE. The AXS-R7 recorder can be attached to VENICE with just four screws.


  • Full-Frame – 36.2 x 24.1 mm at 6K resolution
  • 16-bit extended tonal range RAW Recording X-OCN format
  • Super35 anamorphic at 4K
  • Interchangeable E or PL lens mount
  • 15+ stops dynamic range
  • Built-in 8 stage glass ND filter
  • Soft imagery with deep darks
  • Dual menu displays on camera left/right
  • Overhauled color science
  • Dual Base ISO – 500/ 2500



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